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ECHO Donate Life: Sharing the Importance of Organ and Tissue Donation with Multicultural Communities

About ECHO Donate Life

ECHO Donate Life (July 14-27) is an annual observance focused on sharing the importance of organ, eye and tissue donation with multicultural communities to encourage them to save and heal lives by signing up to be organ, eyes and tissue donors.

Created by the Association for Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation (AMAT) and Donate Life America, ECHO Donate Life aims to help start meaningful conversations about donation and transplantation. Giving people the tools to share their support for donation and transplantation and creates open discussions among families, friends, and neighbors.

Local Need:

In Colorado and Wyoming, there are nearly 2,000 people waiting for a lifesaving transplant. While organs are not matched according to race or ethnicity, transplant matches made within ethnic groups can be more compatible. That is one of the many reasons it is so important for people in multicultural communities to sign up to become organ, eye and tissue donors.

Local need by ethnicityECHO_Donate_Life

  • 25% Hispanic
  • 11% African American
  • 5% Asian
  • 2% Multiracial
  • 2% American Indian/Alaska Native
  • <1% Pacific Islander

How You Can Get Involved:

  1. Be on the lookout for our posts on social media during the week of July 22-27. Share our content on your own social media pages with #ECHODonateLife. Don’t forget to also share with (or tag) friends and family. ECHO the message of organ, eye and tissue donation and help us save lives
  2. Participate in our ECHO Challenge. All you need to do to participate is share a short video of yourself (30 seconds to 1.5 minutes tops) or comment on social media talking about why you support organ, eye and tissue donation and invite the community to sign up. Share with #ECHODonateLife and tag @DonateLifeCO, @DoneVidaColorado or @DonateLifeWY to be entered in a special giveaway for a change to win some cool swag.

Help us ECHO Donate Life in your community! Use your voice and ECHO the message that organ, eye and tissue donation saves lives! Remember, you can always sign up to be an organ, eye and tissue donor when you obtain or renew your driver license or State ID at the DMV or any time online at, or If you have already signed up to be a donor, please take the time to share your decision with your loved ones.

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