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Gift of Life Story of Hope: Jeremy Mare’s Second Chance at Life

A Gift Beyond Words: My Journey to a Second Chance at Life

As the holidays roll around, I’m sharing my experience with the true spirit of giving. I was given a second chance at life thanks to the generosity of a selfless organ donor.

In 2018, my battle with a rare disease brought me to the brink of acute liver failure. I entered the ICU, unaware of the life-changing event that awaited me. In just 22 days, I emerged from the hospital with a new liver, marking the beginning of a remarkable chapter in my life.

I’ve since regained my health, but also found purpose and fulfillment in a career within the very healthcare system that saved me. My story isn’t just about survival; it’s about embracing life with renewed vigor and gratitude – the only way to truly express my sincere thanks for the selflessness that saved my life.

Since becoming a liver recipient, I’ve also become a passionate advocate for donation, championing the mission of saving lives through donation and transplantation. On December 9th, I [walked] with Donor Alliance alongside dozens of others who have been touched by donation in the Festival of Lights in Colorado Springs. I’m hopeful that my story serves as a reminder of the impact each of us can have by registering as organ, eye, and tissue donors.

The gift of a new chance at life has meant everything to me. It defied the natural course of events that would have sunset my life at just 35, offering me a miracle that words struggle to capture.

Jeremy Mares

Pueblo, CO

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