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What You Should Know About Liver Transplants

Did you know that nearly 500 people in our area are waiting for a liver transplant? About 30 million people – or one in 10 people in the United States – have some form of liver disease. For these reasons, liver health and awareness is at the forefront this month.

Learn More During National Liver Awareness Monthnational-liver-awareness-month-donate-life

In October, Donor Alliance joins others around the nation and the American Liver Foundation to celebrate Liver Awareness Month by raising awareness. With liver disease affecting hundreds in our community, we encourage you to get familiar with the causes, signs and symptoms of liver disease. Learn more by checking out the American Liver Foundation’s resources, educational materials and FAQs about liver health here.

What is a Liver Transplant?

According to the American Liver Foundation, “a liver transplant is a surgical procedure performed to remove a diseased or injured liver from one person and replace it with a whole or a portion of a healthy liver from another person”—often a deceased donor.

The Local Need

liver transplant recipient, Linda

After shopping during the holiday season, Evergreen, CO resident, Linda suddenly fell ill and needed a lifesaving liver transplant within weeks.

Right now, nearly 500 people in our area are waiting for a liver transplant and about one in 10 people have some form of liver disease. Thus, liver disease and the need for transplant affects all genders and ethnic groups in the United States.

What Receiving a Liver Transplant Means for Recipients

For transplant recipient Linda, receiving a liver transplant meant more time with family and friends. Linda had a successful transplant in 2011, which gave her a second chance at life. “I am so completely grateful to the family, who in a time of extreme sadness and grief was willing to show such compassion,” said Linda. Read more about Linda’s story here.

How You Can Support Those in Need:

This National Liver Awareness Month, consider signing up to be an organ, eye and tissue donor after death. By registering as a donor, you have the potential to donate your liver to someone in need. A transplant offers hope to those waiting on the transplant list and their families. Learn more and sign up anytime at or

Moreover, some organs, like the liver, can even be donated through living donation. If you are interested in learning more about living donation, contact one the local transplants centers for more information.

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