Transplantation Science: Learning About the Science of Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation.

We are just days away from students and teachers in Colorado and Wyoming returning back to school. With the return to classes, Donor Alliance is looking forward to inspiring and educating students in our communities. We do this by continuing our unique Transplantation Science program. Students and teachers alike anticipate this curriculum every year, as it connects them to experts who can teach the specifics about the science behind organ, eye, and tissue donation and transplantation.

What is Transplantation Science?

Transplantation Science

Transplantation Science is a one class-period curriculum designed for 6th through 12th grade students where young people learn about the science of organ, eye, and tissue donation. It is 100% free for teachers signing up. During the class, a highly trained educator takes over a teacher’s classroom and engages middle and high school students to learn about various topics. Students learn what types of organs and tissues can be transplanted, and for what reasons. They learn how to properly match an organ or tissue donor to a recipient. And they learn the importance of the decision they will have to make when asked the question, “Would you like to register to be an organ, eye, or tissue donor?”

Who can sign up for Transplantation Science?

Any teacher who teaches middle or high school age students in Colorado or Wyoming is welcome to sign up to have a Transplantation Science class delivered to their students. It doesn’t matter if you teach in a private or public school, or even if you home-school! Transplantation Science has adapted versions of its curriculum to fit the various needs of teachers across our region.

How do I sign up?

Transplantation Science

Signing up for Transplantation Science is easy. Teachers of in-person classes can request an educator come to their class to teach the course. Teachers who live in small towns or teach in rural districts can sign up to request a traveling trunk, where we send you the materials and instructions on how to teach the course and a skilled educator joins your class via Google Meet in order to answer questions you or your students may have about donation and transplantation.

If you are a home-school teacher or teach digitally, you can sign up for our digital curriculum, which offers everything the in-person format offers, but virtually. Once you choose what curriculum is right for you and fill out the application, our team takes it from there. You will receive an email from a Donor Alliance Public Education Coordinator, who will facilitate and organize this program in your classroom.

As always, thank you for your support of organ, eye and tissue donation. If you are already registered as a donor, please take some time to discuss your decision with your loved ones.

Registered to become a Donor at DonateLifeWyoming.org or DonateLifeColorado.org