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Transplantation Science – A Free Program for Grades 6-12

November is the month of gratitude and this November, we’d like to take a moment to thank all of the teachers who support our Transplantation Science program every year. We are grateful that you continue to look for ways to bring interactive activities into your classroom and value the feedback you give us. Support your science curriculum with our continually improving, free Transplantation Science STEM program for middle and high school students.

Each year, DMV staff tells us that the donation question can be an awkward moment between new drivers and their parents. Transplantation Science not only teaches the science behind organ and tissue donation and transplantation, but it also encourages students to take what they learn home and have a discussion about what they want their decision to be. That way, they are prepared and know what their decision is when they arrive at the DMV. Check out our exciting program options below to see if it is a good supplement to your life science, biology or anatomy program.

Free Transplantation Science STEM Program Options

We offer different class formats to meet the needs of each school and teacher. Check out the many ways you can connect with transplantation science below.

Transplantation Science In-Person Class

A trained educator brings all of the educational materials needed to set up four stations through which students rotate. Students love learning about each transplantable organ and how it functions by examining real, plastinated organ and tissue specimens from the human body. They will also learn about the conditions leading to the need for an organ, eye or tissue transplant, learn how organ allocation works and complete activities in a free workbook.

Transplantation Science Traveling Trunk

We ship all the materials for the class to you, you set up and run the stations on Day 1 and we will schedule an educator to video conference with your students on Day 2. This is typically reserved for schools that are located more than 100 miles from Denver, Colorado Springs or Casper with less than 50 students. However, this was opened up to all schools in 2020 due to the conditions created under the pandemic and limited availability of some educators to teach in person.

Transplantation Science Digital Curriculum

In 2020, we created a digital curriculum to make the program more accessible in our new virtual world. As a part of our digital curriculum, students still have an opportunity to see some of the materials used in the stations and work through different activities. We encourage setting up a Zoom conference with an educator after students have completed the digital curriculum.

High School Medical Careers Program

If Transplantation Science doesn’t fit your school’s needs, consider requesting a speaker through our Donor Alliance Staff Speakers Bureau. The Medical Careers presentation includes an overview of the donation process and the facts about donation combined with a review of the careers available at Donor Alliance. This is ideal for students who are interested in medical careers and is a great way to invite students to explore what is available in the fields of organ and tissue donation and transplantation.

Bring Transplantation Science to Your School

So this November, thank a teacher and if you know a science teacher who might be interested in this free Transplantation Science STEM program, please share this information with them!

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