How Transplantation Works

Disability Benefits After an Organ Transplant

When it comes to disability benefits after receiving a lifesaving organ transplant, many have questions. We’re breaking down all you need to know to qualify and apply for disability benefits post-transplant. Organ transplants are life changing, but it’s imperative that transplant recipients pace their return to normal activities. A slow return to normal activities can […]

What You Should Know About Pancreas Transplants

Pancreas transplants are one of the rarest types of organ transplants performed annually. Only 135 people received a life-saving pancreas transplant in 2020. In fact, pancreas transplants have become increasingly rare since 2004. There are different reasons for this including difficulty in both the recovery and transplantation processes, other available treatments that are less invasive […]

¿Por qué no se puede vender órganos en Estados Unidos?

Una pregunta que nos hacen ocasionalmente es si una persona puede vender sus órganos o recibir algún tipo de incentivo financiero por donarlos. En corto, la respuesta es NO. Te invitamos a seguir leyendo para aprender más sobre las bases legales de la donación de órganos y tejidos y por qué estos son considerados un […]

Can You Sell Organs in the United States?

A question we get asked occasionally is whether a person can sell their organs or receive some form of financial incentive for donating them. In short, the answer is NO. Selling Organs in the United States is Illegal In fact, it’s illegal to sell organs and tissues for transplants in the United States. The National […]

Back to Kidney Basics: From Disease to Donation and Transplant

For the most part, everyone is born with two healthy functioning kidneys. Most people don’t think about their kidneys on a daily basis, but for those with kidney disease or kidney transplant recipients, those two small bean-shaped organs are very important. The National Kidney Foundation or NKF is joining us during National Kidney Month to […]

The Heart Truth about Heart Donation and Transplant

When we think of February, we often picture a heart. This heart symbolizes many things; from love, to Valentine’s Day, to American Heart Month. But for others, a heart holds a much deeper meaning. For those few individuals who have received a heart transplant, it symbolizes the difference between life and death and every thumping […]

Preventing Organ and Tissue Rejection

October 5, 2020 // How Transplantation Works

One of the last things a patient or their family wants to worry about after they’ve received an organ or tissue transplant is whether the transplant will be rejected. But it’s important to recognize that rejection is not the same thing as losing your transplanted organ or tissue, and organ survival rates continue to improve. […]

How Are Organs and Tissues Transported for Transplant?

Curious how organs are transported for transplant? In light of the recent news and attention surrounding the organ and tissue transplant transportation process including Kaiser Health News’ recent piece on organs missing in commercial transport and a Dallas-bound Southwest Airlines flight that turned around to return a human heart to Seattle and we wanted to […]

#InTheNews: Uterine Transplants

One of the biggest stories in organ donation and transplantation so far this year has been the story of Jennifer Gobrecht, the second woman in the U.S. to have a uterus transplant from a deceased donor. You may have seen her story featured in any number of major news outlets across the country, including the […]

Transplantation Science: New Resources This School Year

School is in full swing in Colorado and Wyoming and our Transplantation Science Program has some new resources for teachers this school year! At Donor Alliance, we know that teachers have been working hard for weeks: setting up classrooms, planning curriculum and looking for new and innovative ways to teach students about their content. For […]

Donation 101: Organ Donation Terms We Don’t Use and Why

How certain words are used can have a significant impact, especially when it comes to organ, eye and tissue donation. This list provides guidelines around which organ donation terms to avoid and the most appropriate terminology to use instead.

Frequently Asked Student Questions

Through Transplantation Science, an award-winning, free program for 7th through 12th graders, many thousands of students throughout Colorado and Wyoming are able to get new perspective on organ, eye and tissue donation. The 50-90 minute workshops at schools throughout the region, aim to give students a better understanding of what it means to be a […]